Mono wigs, short for monofilament wigs, are a type of wig construction known for their natural appearance and comfort. These wigs feature a cap made from a fine mesh material, usually nylon or polyester, onto which synthetic or human hair strands are individually hand-tied. This process creates the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp, making mono wigs incredibly realistic.

The base is hand-knotted to create the appearance of natural hair growth, which allows for parting versatility, and is sheer to blend with all skin tones.

A polyurethane strip goes around the perimeter of the base and contains 4 pressure sensitive clips. The clips can be removed so that adhesive can be applied.

Overall, mono wigs are a popular choice for individuals seeking a natural-looking and comfortable alternative to traditional wigs. They provide confidence and convenience while allowing for versatile styling options.

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