Lace top wigs are a type of wig construction where the top portion or cap of the wig is made with a lace material. This lace material is usually delicate and sheer, resembling the appearance of a natural scalp when worn. The hair strands are individually hand-tied onto the lace cap, giving the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp.

Lace top wigs offer a more realistic and natural-looking appearance compared to traditional wig caps. The lace material blends seamlessly with the wearer's skin tone, creating a smooth transition and making the wig virtually undetectable. Additionally, lace top wigs allow for greater breathability and comfort due to the lightweight and airy nature of the lace cap.

There are different types of lace top wigs, including full lace wigs where the entire cap is made of lace, and lace front wigs where only the front portion of the wig cap, typically around the hairline, is made of lace. Lace front wigs are popular because they provide a natural-looking hairline and allow for versatile styling options, such as wearing the hair pulled back or parted in different ways.

The Lace Base Hair Topper features a lace material with individual hairs tied to the base, which can be a great choice if you want to ensure the front hairline simulates your own. Lace base hair toppers are very lightweight and breathable - perfect for hot days!

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