EMEDA women toppers are 100% high quality Handmade Human Hair.

Very soft and smooth hair, no shedding and tangle.

If you have these hair problem: Hair loss, Bold hairline, High Forehead, Thinning hair top, Too much grey hair.  Don't hesitate, choose EMEDA to solve all your hair problems! You can get many solution.

Could Add volume,Conceal new growth between colors, Cover the top white or thin hair, Avoid hurting your own scalp from dying the hair usually.

Perfect Women toppers, with a Lace Front that creates a natural looking hairline and allows for off-the-face styling. The hand-tied monofilament net base is flexible to contour easily and creates the illusion of natural hair growth. Thicker top hair and the closest appearance with real human scalp, it is very natural and no one will find your secret. Many base types, sizes and colors, large stock. Accept customize.

Do you have problem of losing hair? Do you feel hot to wear a full wig? Why not choose a woman topper! It is a perfect choice. Only cover the area of hair-loss, and no one can notice you wear a topper. Toppers has already been the hottest hair product among salon and store.