European pre-bonded keratin I tip hair extension hair factory HJ 016

European pre-bonded keratin I tip hair extension hair factory HJ 016
European pre-bonded keratin I tip hair extension hair factory HJ 016
European pre-bonded keratin I tip hair extension hair factory HJ 016
European pre-bonded keratin I tip hair extension hair factory HJ 016
European pre-bonded keratin I tip hair extension hair factory HJ 016
100% unprocessed Human hair
Main market
USA, Europe market etc
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Original Place
Qingdao, China
Our hair factory offer high quality European hair with a pre-bonded keratin I tip for easy and secure application, making them a top choice for hair extension professionals and enthusiasts.


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Premium Quality European Hair keratin I tip hair extension

Our keratin I tip hair extensions are made from carefully selected European human hair, ensuring each 

strand exhibits exceptional quality, softness, and a natural appearance. European hair is renowned in the 

industry for its fine texture and durability.

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Pre-Bonded Keratin I Tip hair Extensions

Our extensions come equipped with pre-attached keratin I tip bonds, making installation convenient and 

secure. Whether you're a professional hairstylist or a beginner in the world of hair extensions, our products 

facilitate the realization of your desired hairstyles.

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Pre-bonded I tip hair extensions with Diverse Selection

We factory offer pre-bonded I tip hair extensions in a variety of colors, lengths, and textures to cater to 

different customer needs. From natural blondes to deep shades, from straight to curly hair, we have the 

hairstyle choices you require.

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Factory Supply pre bonded keratin I tip hair extensions?

  • Reliable Supply Chain and Customization Options

We understand the importance of timely supply for wholesalers. Our supply chain is efficient and dependable, 

ensuring we meet your requirements. Additionally, we provide personalized customization options to fulfill 

specific project demands.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Our factory is available to support you at all times, whether you have questions about our products, order

processing, or extension application. You can rely on our professional team for assistance.

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

We offer high quality pre-bonded Keratin I tip hair extensions at competitive prices, enabling you to achieve

higher profit margins. We recognize the importance of pricing to your business success and strive to ensure our

prices are attractive.

  • Environmental Responsibility

Our factory is committed to sustainable practices and eco-friendly production. 

Our I tip hair extension products not only excel in quality but also adhere to environmental standards, helping

to meet sustainability demands.

  • Flexible Order Processing

Whether you require large bulk orders or smaller quantities, we can accommodate your 

needs. Our flexible order processing allows you to adjust your inventory according to market demands.

  • Regular Product Updates

We continually update and improve our product line to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in the 

pre bonded Keratin I tip hair extension industry. You can consistently offer the newest and most fashionable 

extension choices.

  • Global Shipping Services

Regardless of your location in the world, we provide global shipping services fedex, DHL, UPS or EMS. 

Our shipping network is efficient and reliable, ensuring you receive your extension orders promptly.

Welcome to contact us, will response you within 12hours.

Whatsapp:+86 18562611500


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