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Hair extensions are a great tool to help you fall back in love with your hair. Remy hair extensions add length and fullness to your own hair. Hair extensions are usually clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human hair. These methods include tape-in extensions, clip-in extensions, micro/nano rings, fusion method, weaving method. We work with 100% Remy, Tape, fusion, and microlink hair extensions. Get longer, fuller hair than ever before with our hair

Extensions will you be best choice. High-quality, luxurious, 100% Remy Human Hair extensions at an unbeatable price.


Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Extensions

1, Choose 100% Remy Human Hair


Our best hair extensions are made with 100% Remy virgin Human Hair, no matter which method you prefer.  Our highest hair quality hair extensions will last longer and will also look the most natural. If the hair extensions is made of non-remy hair or other low quality hair, the hair will eventually shed and tangle.

Perfect Color Match


One of the more obvious tips of choosing the best hair extensions is finding your perfect color match.    A perfect color match means your hair extensions will blend seamlessly with your hair and look very natural. We offer different colors to match to different customers hair.


Certified Stylist

If you are looking to have semi-permanent extensions, make sure to go to a certified hair extension stylist.  Hair extension application is not taught in cosmetology school and is more of a trade that is learned independently.  When you go to a certified stylist, you can feel secure that your stylist is education and that you are going to receive a proper, seamless application.  If you receive an incorrect application, you may experience slipping or other issues that will cause more inconvenience to your daily life.  We recommend calling your desired hair extension brand to have them find a certified stylist in your area if you are unsure of which salon or stylist to contact for a consultation.


There are five popular types of hair extensions: tape-in, clip-in, bonded, micro ring and halo hair extensions. And while they all share one common goal—creating long, luxurious hairstyles


Clip-in hair extensions


Clip-ins are super easy to use and can be applied at home in a few minutes’ time. They can easily be removed at any time and are the least damaging as they don’t call for the addition of chemicals or other harsh solutions to secure the faux hair. They can be washed once every 15 wears, and are versatile as they can work for a wide range of hair types.


Tape-in hair extensions


Tape-In hair extensions are additional sections of hair that are attached very closely to the roots of your natural hair with double-sided keratin tape.  The extensions are pre-taped and then taped/glued together on either side of your own hair. Tape-In Hair Extensions are suitable for most hair types but your hair needs to be at least 4 to 5 inches long.  Tape in hair would need to have them removed (with glue remover) and then reinstalled. Naturally, when you apply heat to your roots and any adhesive product such as tape or glue, this can damage your hair.


Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

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Keratin Bonded hair extensions also known as pre-bonded or hot fusion are suitable for all hair types. These hair extensions have a built-in keratin-based polymer that bonds to the natural hair.  The hair extensions are attached to the natural hair using a heat tool called an extension connector iron. The heat-based attachment method is why this method is also known as ‘hot fusion’

Micro-Ring Hair Extensions


The micro-bead hair extensions are the most affordable and fashionable and give amazing results. Micro-Bead extensions are most suitable for those with thicker hair. Mircro ring hair requires looping small bundles of hair through your natural hair and securing it by clamping a metal bead around it. Sounds painful, but it’s actually a relatively painless process.

Halo hair extensions

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These easy-to-style, invisible hair extensions are perfect for those who are super low-maintenance. What makes them convenient is the single weft (hair strands sewn onto a super-thin cloth strip) row is secured by a barely visible thread that lays on the head’s natural curve. This is a great option for someone who is curious about extensions but not ready to commit to a more permanent application.


It’s important to take into consideration which hair extension method matches your lifestyle.  Hair extensions do require a bit of extra maintenance, however if waking up five minutes earlier to have fabulous hair is worth it to you then you are the perfect candidate.

If your schedule is too busy to maintain hair extensions on a daily basis, then clip-in extensions may be the right fit for you.  This way you can break them out for special occasions or days where you have extra time to style.

With semi-permanent hair extensions, you will have to make adjustments to your hair care routine.  However, your current lifestyle will not be affected. You can engage in any sports or hobbies, whether you love skiing or going to the gym.  There are certain ways to protect your extensions such as putting your hair into a low braid before working out to prevent any tangling.

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