What to use to remove tape hair extension

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What to use to remove tape hair extension

Step 1: Locate

First of all, locate all the starting points between the tape hair extensions and your own hair. This may be easier if you tie up all your remaining hair with sectioning clips or elastic bands.

Step 2: Spray

After locating the tapes, spray on our ZALA tape hair extensions solvent/glue remover. (This is a great cleaner/remover without the harsh chemicals; this solvent is fast acting on most soft bonds adhesives and tapes while still being gentle on the skin). Do not use a sparse amount of solvent, you must be generous while spraying to ensure you have enough solvent to remove the adhesive on the tape. A limited amount of solvent will work poorly.

Step 3: Apply

If while removing the tape hair extensions you feel that your own hair is pulling therefore causing damaging friction, keep applying the solvent until the tapes are removed easily without anymore pull on your own natural hair.

Step 4: Wash

There is a slight possibility that all the tapes may still not be 100% removed. We would highly recommend for you to wash your hair with cold water, while also scrubbing quite forcefully. But be sure that you are also gentle enough not to damage your own roots. Use an adequate amount of shampoo on your hair until your hair is completely clean. Be sure to never use hot water for the wash as there is a slight chance it will melt the adhesive on the tape. The reason for cold water is because it solidifies the glue, and as a result it will remove the adhesive.

Step 5: Dry

Even while drying your hair after you have washed it use a cold setting as hot air will have the same effect that hot water has on the adhesive.

Step 6: Comb

After you have dried your hair, comb through efficiently to remove any remaining pieces of tape. The key on how to remove tape hair extensions is to be patient and coherent, and you will achieve great results with little to no great deal of effort.

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