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Tiny clip hair extension like gold! The sophisticated production process tells you that fashion clip hair extension are not simple.

2018-04-24 10:55:15

In the current mainstream of the wig market, we can see a variety of different brands of different styles. The expensive one can be sold to thousands or even tens of thousands, while the cheap one can start with 0. As consumers, after many years of shopping experience, we will understand that the price and quality are the same, and design is based on ideas. It can be said that a good wigs not only shows the fine quality of the material and the fine workmanship, from the equipment conditions, the manpower allocation to the pruning technology, the design and development, and so on, which has condensed the production links of many levels. Taking advantage of the forthcoming spring and the upsurge of wig fashion, today, we are visiting the workshop of EMEDA wig, a famous international brand, to explore how the top wigs are made.
Referring to the EMEDA brand, it is an international brand with nearly 15 years of history. The design team under the flag is the top hair stylist of Japan and South Korea, and uses the top raw materials to make products to ensure that each of the produced wigs is fashionable and of good quality. The editor has learned from EMEDA that more than 80% of the brand's wigs are made by workers through manual work, and it takes up to 160 processes to produce a wig. Strictly speaking, it takes 2-3 days to produce a common wig, and a half hand wigs will take 3-4 days and all hand knit. The product requires a skilled worker to spend about 2 weeks to complete.
Material is the key to decide the difference of the price of the wig, and the difference of the manufacturing process also plays a decisive role. In the first step of EMEDA wig, it is necessary to arrange the wigs that are not neat and orderly. This step is more important in the whole process. Even a skilled technician takes about ten minutes to complete a set of hair.
The finished hair will be arranged by two persons who are specially responsible for weighing. After weighing the whole set of hair and neatly, it will be standardized and weighed. EMEDA has very strict requirements for every hairline, and the precise standard to mark the fine process of the international brand.
After the weighing and combing is finished, a hair coil will be sent to the mold shop and fixed by the corresponding technician. During this period, in the density, length and weight of the hair, there are very strict standards and requirements, not only in the technician's work need to be carefully made, but also to be checked by a special person after being fixed.
The fixed bundle style is structured according to different types and different categories, and the next step process can be entered by the special person in charge in accordance with the production standards.
In general, the length of the hairbrush determines the density of the wig. For the demanding EMEDA wig, this link determines the air permeability and comfort of the finished wigs, in order to increase the glossiness of the wig, and make the hair with even the brightness far beyond the true hair. After fixing the hair, it is necessary to use the special hair dye to make the dyeing and fining. This link is usually in the first class factory. In order to reduce the material and cost, many wig products on the market will choose to jump into the perm link directly.
After the dyeing is finished, the whole wig will be strapped to a special perm tube, and the straight hair will be made into different shapes through processing. It needs to be explained here that the size and diameter of the perm tube are also strictly regulated, and the control of the temperature must be within 0.1 degrees in the production, so that the wig rolls at different times can be guaranteed, and the shape can be basically consistent.
After finishing, the hair is bright and glossy and full of elasticity.
In the process of curling, we also found an important link. In order to make the wig more realistic, it is not negligible to suppress this process in the production. Its function is to suppress the root of the wig through high temperature, so as to achieve the effect of the natural formation of the wig. In this way, the produced wigs will be more natural, compared to the low - cost wigs on the market, and prevent all the cases lying on the scalp.
After the hair is processed, it will be transferred to the hands of professional technicians for sewing. The professional technicians knit the wig to the idiosyncratic hair network through the machine, and according to the classification of the more heavy hair quality, the selection and layout of the material and the distribution of the net also have a different distinction.
In the production process of EMEDA wig, the fake scalp will be placed on the location of the split seam to show the fidelity of the wig.
When the EMEDA wig is finished, it will be handed over to the top Hairstylist for the final trimming. All the designers choose the experienced professional technicians of the domestic hairdressing industry.
The wig which is finished in the final production will make people feel abnormality after wearing, and it is difficult to see the defects, and the hair quality and comfort are all unparalleled in the general wig.
It is understood that in addition to the processing and production of ordinary wig, EMEDA wig also has 100% custom customized wig products for VIP customers. We can conduct one-on-one personal production services for individual needs of customers. During the production of VIP wig, the best production personnel will be selected to complete the production so that customers can get more comfortable and more realistic quality wigs. In general, the need for system

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