Professional medical hair wig for cancer patients QM296

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Professional medical hair wig for cancer patients QM296
Medical hair wig is for cancer patients who suffer from hair loss because chemoterapy or radiation treatment. Usually, they will shave all of their hair, then need to wear wig, hat or sacrves. Wig is the best choice, because with our professional natural medical wig, nobody will discover that you worn a wig. Our medical hair wig has natural hairline, comfortable wig cap construction which no need tape or glue to wear it and will not make your skin itchy. And we choose best hair quality to produce the wig.


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Medical wig is for woman with hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation treatment. They usually choose wig or wearing hat or scarves. If you want to choose wig, please choose ours. Our wig is made of high quality hair, color is fashionable, wig cap construction comfortable.


High Quality hair medical wig

Our medical wig are only made of best quality european hair or brazilian hair, the hair is really soft and smooth. And it is with thick end. It can be dyed, curled and straigthened. The wig look every natural after putting on your head.

Fashionable color medical wig

Our medical wig are stock in different colors. You can choose your favorite colors. We can also custom the colors as your request. We have our own color desinger, each year, we will make new fashionable colors. This is good for both personal use and hair business.

Comfortable cap construction medical wig

Because our factory have our own research development, so we have different cap construction to meet different customers’ request. Some are with silione, so no need to use tape or glue, can fit your head very well. Some are with pu around, which easy to wear or take off. Some are with lace front, which will look more natural, You can choose your own one.

How to care you wig

Please only use special wig care products to take care your wig.

If you use your wig everyday, the wig should be washed every 10-14 days, and more often if you're using a lot of hair spray and styling cream.

After shampoo the wig, please spray lightly with wig conditioner.

Please dry the wig on a portable wig stand so that air can circulate through it without rinsing out the conditioner. Wig conditioner build-up is good for wigs. It protects the hair and extends the life of the wig.

Keep in mind that wigs may take up to 8 to12 hours to dry.

Wig Lustre, or a similar product, should be used after the wig has been washed several times, to restore its original sheen.

How to style the wig

Before styling, stuck all of the hair behind your ears.

Bring forward only as much hair as is needed to make the wig look natural.

In fact, better have a hair dresser trim the bangs and thin the wig to make it look more natural.

On shorter wigs, use a brush as little as possible. Instead, use your fingers and a special wig styling cream,

Before styling long straight wigs, always spray lightly with a wig conditioner and use a wig brush, starting with the ends first.

For a more natural look, don’t try to have every hair in place.

Use scarf bands and other hair accessories as you would with your own hair.


Welcome to contact me:


Whatsapp: +86 13165075633

Skype: emedahair


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