How To Use Clip-In Hair Extensions QM039

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How To Use Clip-In Hair Extensions QM039
Clip in hair extensions have the benefit of being a non-damaging, temporary way to add length, color, or volume to your tresses.

Clip in hair extensions are so easy to install, tools aren’t even required. 

Simply use your fingers to part your hair horizontally starting near the base of your neck.

 Open the clip on one of the shorter clip weave pieces and push the combs into your hair at the roots, near the base of your scalp.  If you have fine or thin hair, tease your natural hair a bit for a more secure hold.  


Once the combs are pushed securely into your natural hair, push the clip closed, a click will confirm that it was closed.

Part another section of your hair about one inch above that piece of clip weave and comb the hair overtop to blend.  

Select another piece, being sure it is not wider than the area on which you are working

Repeat the parting and clipping process.  Some heads may require all ten pieces to create a flawless full look whereas others may only need a few wefts added in the back.  


You can also use the clip weave pieces to create a bang in the front of you head.


Once you’ve installed the amount of clip ins you desire, you can either comb all of your hair straight down to rock a long sleek style, add waves or spirals with a curling wand, or even take some of the length off to create an edgy cut.

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