keratin Remy Hair Extensions JF191

EMEDA Keratin Bond Extensions,quality match Great lengths are the creme de la creme of Indian hair a...

Pre Bonded Hair JF190

Truly stunning 100% silky straight human hair, pre bonded with keratin for easy removal. Each strand...

Buy Pre Bonded Hair Extensions JF189

EMEDA suuply Double drawn remy tape in hair extensions accept OEM and ODM

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions Reviews JF187

Hair textures react to chemicals just as human hair. They can be effectively colored as desired.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions Removal JF185

Acquired from 1 Donor per Bundle 1 Donor ensures the hair retains its natural texture, color and she...

Pre Bonded Remy Hair Extensions Suppliers JF184

Pre Bonded Remy Hair Extensions Suppliers It is also called; Shoe-Laced, Stick-Laced and I-Tipped ha...

Pre Bonded Remy Hair Extensions 1g JF183

I-Tip installation is a snap! Microbeads are clamped to securely hold each hair extension strand in ...

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions Before and After JF182

high-quality premium 100% Remy Human Hair pre bonded hair extensions before and afterI-Tips are grea...

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions JF181

0.5G 0.7G 0.8G 1 Gram Pre Bonded Hair Extensions as your request accept OEM ODM

22 Inch Pre bonded Hair Extensions LJ143

22 inch pre bonded hair extension with keratin glue , very easy to use and no need of any cutting or...

Pre Bonded Human Hair Extensions LJ135

U-Tip hair extensions are extensions that are pre-tipped with keratin (a natural protein) and are app...

Pre Bonded Keratin Hair Extensions LJ134

Nail tip hair is great for adding quick highlights through your own natural colour without the damag...

Pre bonded Human Hair Extensions LJ133

The bonds are made of quality italian keratin glue, which is both gentle on your hair but will also ...

Nail shape Keratin Bonds LJ132

The 100% Remy Human hair extensions are applied individually using pre-moulded bonds made from a ker...

Fusion Keratin Bond Extensions LJ131

The bonds are attached to tiny sections of the natural hair by melting the bonds at a very low tempe...

Keratin bond hair extensions U tip LJ130

And this is a set of 100% human remy hair extensions! Which means you can wash it, curl it, straighte...

Pre bonded Hair extensiond UK market LJ129

If you are looking to add some volume and length to your own hair then this set is perfectly suited ...

Pre bonded Hair extensions nail tip LJ128

Offering the most natural looking results which can last up to 6 months with minimum maintenance.

Pre tipped hair extensions for white women LJ127

Pre-bonded hair can be applied with either solid or highlighted colour, depending on the clients nee...

Keratin Hair Bonding Extensions LJ126

The shape of the keratin glue attached to the hair extensions is in the shape of a finger nail so th...

High-quality Keratin Bond Extensions Manufacturer | Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions Wholesale
Fusion hair extensions For Modern Women
Fusion hair extensions can be a great way to achieve the thick, luxurious lock looks you want. Installed and cared for properly, human-hair fusion hair extensions give you a completely natural look that falls, bounces, and shines as if it were your “real” hair. 
We offer a number of our European hair extensions pre bonded for convenience, as well as many of our Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian hair extensions for sale. All of EMEDA products are cuticle correct, Remy and 100% human hair.All of our pre-bonded tip extensions are moulded to 0.5g/0.8g/1g per strand for fusion bonds. Each pre bonded tip for fusion is sealed with keratin protein bonds for strength and durability.
Why Chooes EMEDA Keratin bond hair extensions ?
We are a hair factory
Highest quality Keratin bond hair extensions 
100% Remy virgin human hair
Have Raw Virgin And Remy hair 3000KG in stock(unprocessed)
Gentle treatment to ensure healthy products
Cuticles remained with inner moisture and nutrition locked
Authentic Italian Keratin
Exquisite Workmanship,uniform shape
0.5g/strand 0.8g/strand 1g/strand,Regular size or as requested
Tip part is very exquisit, very small I-tip 2mm*mm Flat-tip 6*6mm.
Durable and no shedding
Easy to apply&remove
Last for 1-3 years
competitive prices
Wholesale/stockist packs available
Available in 32 shades & 18-24 inch packs. 
Fast delivery
Profesional service
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EMEDA factory has over 16 years of experience in the hair production field. We have over 400 employees, 270 factory workers, 35 high skilled technicians, and 25 QC inspectors. Our main market is USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Africa. EMEDA takes pride in knowing we have a great reputation all over the world due to our top quality hair and professional services

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